Only Once Three Days Before



I thought of the idea that the house and all the things in the house watched the lives of the residents and they remembered the residents' actions and behaviors. I started making this art work based on the historical research of Koganecho. I used a house of Koganecho left by "former residents" and all the things left in the house, and I made a presentation as a house talking about the past memories and thoughts of the "former residents".

Artwork details

Title : Only Once Three Days Before
Year : 2013
Size : (W)2.5m x (L)4m x (D)2.4m
Materials : 洗濯機、植物、スタンドライト、センサー、ソファ、モーター、ブラインド、ステッピングモーター、冷蔵庫、スピーカー、ウィール、流し台、蛇口、水、コーヒーメーカー、ビニールチューブ、鉄、プリンター、掛け軸
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Exhibition details

Exhibition title : Only Once Three Days Before
Duration : 11 May 2013 - 08 June 2013
Location : GalleryAn Asukayama, Tokyo