A stain on the table was made yesterday?



This art work is exhibited at Fictive communities Asia - Koganecho Bazaar 2014. This art work's theme is memory and emotion. Koganecho where this art work was exhibited used to be the illegal prostitution area in Yokohama, Japan and had over 250 brothels in its heyday. But, due to police raids in 2005, all the brothel's staffs fled as if they were running away at night. Because many brothel's staffs fled without taking their household goods and furniture with them, all the things in their houses were left as they were. When I went to see such a miserable house of Koganecho, I thought of the idea that the house and all the things in the house watched the lives of the residents and they remembered the residents' actions and behaviors. I started making this art work based on the historical research of Koganecho. I used a house of Koganecho left by "former residents" and all the things left in the house, and I made a presentation as a house talking about the past memories and thoughts of the "former residents".

Artwork details

Title : A stain on the table was made yesterday?
Year : 2014
Size : A whole of three storey house
Materials : Household goods, Home appliances, Furniture, Speaker, Motor, Sensor, Mirror ball, Stone, Iron, Wood, Spot light, Water, Plant, Soil, Alcohol, Curtain, TV, Blind, etc
Photo credit : Yasuyuki Kasagi

Exhibition details

Exhibition title : Fictive communities Asia - Koganecho Bazaar 2014
Duration : 2014.08.01 - 2014.11.03
Location : Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan